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The rains: A Reluctant Spirit out-take

This excerpt, deleted from my final manuscript "A Reluctant Spirit," details the first day I fell ill with Post Viral Neurasthenia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome while exploring East Africa in 1989. To this day, that safari holds a magic for me, one not minimized by 18 years of illness. The wind whips my blue cotton [...]

Unfinished business: The ghost of Miles Faucett

In 1888, Amelia Brewer and her husband George relocated from the scenic Lamoille Canyon to Carlin, Nevada, an arid, railroad community with about 400 souls. They rented an “unpretentious” house of three to four rooms. Amelia, who wrote to the Elko Free Press on occasion, sent this letter on Jan. 5, 1889 about their abode: [...]

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The Bible endorses using intuitive skills

See my related post from two weeks ago, “The Bible acknowledges the existence of positive spirits and ghosts.” I view our psychic abilities as a gift from the Holy Spirit, a divine energy that connects all of us—whether or not we still inhabit our bodies. While some denominations say that God only allowed prophecy and [...]