The ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel: the KTVN videos

It was an amazing and eerie 12 hours. We experienced different spirits in various ways, took compelling video and captured haunting EVP. And I hadn’t even wanted to go. When news anchor Bill Brown asked me to serve as the impartial observer during a paranormal investigation of central Nevada’s long-vacant Goldfield Hotel, I inwardly [...]

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In God’s time, not ours

2015 and 2016 posed serious physical challenges to my well-being. I battled a chronic health issue that went undetected for seven months, causing headaches, severe weakness and cold-like symptoms. I was tested for cancer, immune system deficiencies and a variety of other ailments. All results were normal. So in March 2016 when my pulmonologist [...]

I stand with you, I stand with the USA

The hatred must stop. Now. The desecration of Jewish cemeteries and the threats against their schools are abhorrent and have no place in our society. America’s strength has always been in its citizens’ diversity of backgrounds, faiths and political ideologies. I don’t need to think the same as someone else to respect them as [...]

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The motivation behind giving is as important as the act

Energetically and spiritually we are connected to one another. So why would bestowing our time, efforts or money on others be counterproductive? It’s because sometimes we act without the right intention, giving expecting to receive. In those times, we’re left feeling empty and obstruct our spiritual growth. I’d never really thought about my motivation [...]

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Surviving and thriving reveals true beauty

In the U.S., physical beauty generally is highly esteemed only if it fits the ideal set by Hollywood: a willowy size 0. While hiking a few years back in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, I realized the beauty I appreciate most in nature is in the hard-earned tenaciousness that allows an organism to thrive in [...]

Want to expand your intuitive abilities? Relate more to the heavenly realm.

Being too steeped in our physical domain is one of the greatest obstacles to strengthening our psychic abilities. When we’re mired in an earthly state, we erect a brick wall between ourselves and spirit messages and divine guidance. In many ways, the material realm contrasts with the ethereal one. Our current existence requires us [...]

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We hate because we fear

Fear drives hatred. We are frightened by those whom we perceive to threaten our well-being, our lifestyle, our beliefs, our freedoms, our morality. Without fear, hatred dies. Some institutional leaders intentionally kindle dismay among people to achieve their desired results. The 24-hour news cycle (cable TV channels, some talk radio and websites) try to [...]

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Join Kathleen on Ecto Portal Show, 8:35 p.m. PST tonight

Kathleen will be the featured interview tonight (Jan. 25, 2017) on Ecto Portal, an internet radio station based out of San Francisco. You can listen live by visiting and clicking on "Listen Live, Studio 1A." Kathleen will discuss how ghosts changed her views on reality and the afterlife. The interview will take place 8:35 to [...]

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