An authentic ghost story unlike any other

Both a skeptic and fear-filled Christian, I was the unlikeliest person to delve into the spirit world. At night, I shut the closet door tight so I couldn’t glance into its black void. I averted my eyes at every frightening point of horror movies. And I listened to the pulpit preach the evils of mediums and seeking out the paranormal. I believed all psychics were frauds or influenced by the devil and ghosts were only delusions manifested by the weak and simple.

Despite this, in 2007, I found myself in the preposterous situation of spending the night in reputedly one of the nation’s most haunted hotels: the long-shuttered Goldfield Hotel in central Nevada. I joined the TV news crew from KTVN-Reno and three ghost hunters. My role? Impartial observer. Or so I thought.

There’s more to reality than we can see

That one night pulverized my small, more-easy-to-contain world and greatly expanded my spiritual beliefs. Ghosts do exist. Polite, cranky, sympathetic and desperately sad ones. I experienced them intimately as they engaged my senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing.

I share my intensely private story—including how closed-minded and judgmental I had once been in the name of my personal view of Christianity—in A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian.

Join me on my journey as I deny the spirit world, try to please the Universal Power and desperately battle disease, as I’m led down a strange—and sometimes eerie—path to my spiritual renaissance.

We’re meant to use our intuition to interact with spirits and angels

After my astounding experience with the paranormal, my relationship with the Great I Am evolved into a concrete, intimate connection. While evil is present in the paranormal as it is here on earth, the spirits I encountered helped me break free from fear. I reaped an abundance of blessings from opening myself up to the ethereal world.

I truly believe the Universal Power gave us our sixth sense for a reason: to more easily connect with the Divine and receive spiritual guidance.

Spending the night in the haunted and vacant Goldfield Hotel taught me that

  • Death is a transition, not an end;
  • Love endures death and our dear departed ones visit us;
  • We all possess psychic abilities;
  • Fear limits us, leads to sin and restricts our relationships with God; and
  • Paranormal happenings can be positive and divinely driven.

I no longer believe in a vengeful God

While Christ sings to my heart, I’m convinced there are as many paths to the Supreme Power as there are unique individuals. God’s love is unconditional and ever-patient. We are all worthy of Divine adoration.

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