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Berry’s intriguing debut memoir suggests that belief in the paranormal, including ghosts and psychic experiences, can be reconciled with orthodox Christianity…Present-tense narration and convincing dialogue make for a gripping account, and Berry successfully balances abstract thought with physical realities…A born-again believer makes a diverting adventure story out of embracing her sensitivity to benevolent spirits.

— Kirkus Review

A Reluctant Spirit chronicles the author’s journey toward understanding that what she had experienced all her life was natural. Knowing the phenomena, many of the people and locations in her book that she describes so well, it is easy to see that Kathy’s was not an accidental way. The real marvel is that she was able to step onto the path and remain open to new adventures, all the while, maintaining a discerning perspective.

We recommend this book if you have had a strong religious upbringing, experienced unexplainable events or have felt as if something were whispering in your mind. It is especially for you if you fear the dark as a place of unknown but real possibilities. The author’s path encourages allowing circumstances to bring opportunities for new experiences and having the courage to be open to the lessons spirits bring. If you look, you will find Kathy’s way where you live as well. Read her book with a discerning eye. You will be glad you did.

Stories like the author’s serve as a role model for people to realize their experiences may not be all that unusual, and that there is a way to coming to terms with the unknown. So in many ways, while this story is a personal one, it is also something that others will benefit from.

I have enjoyed reading Kathleen Berry’s book, A Reluctant Spirit, very much. In my opinion, the essence of the book is far more centered on her personal spiritual journey to know and grow in her relationship with God than in her encounters with the spirits of the Goldfield Hotel. I believe that by embracing and accepting life after death, Kathleen came to understand more fully, the great gift of resurrection and the limitless power of God’s grace and redemption.

—Episcopal Reverend M. Ruggaber

Berry reluctantly steps in and out of the otherworld in this compelling and brutally honest memoir. She deftly takes you through the harrowing night that shatters her lifelong beliefs and her struggle to resolve the gnawing, internal conflict. Her fascinating journey grips you, leaving you rooting for her one hundred percent.

—Doresa Banning, Author and Editor

The reader feels with the author her resistance, terror and doubt as the story unfolds, and finally, her joy as she accepts her own power and lives her miracle. Berry makes the unbelievable credible, leaving the reader with a sense of wonder and a fresh perspective on the supernatural, God and faith.

—Barbara Hunt, Poet and Writer

From the very first chapter of A Reluctant Spirit, I was sucked in, mesmerized and driven to know not only what happened next, but how Ms. Berry would absorb the escalating events into a right-winged Christian mindset. This work challenges the Christian perspective that all ghosts are demonic in nature and that people with mediumistic skills are dealing with the devil. But more importantly, it is witness to a vulnerable woman’s struggle between mind and heart, and her ultimate evolution toward healing and empowerment. A Reluctant Spirit is one of those rare gems that is brave enough to examine some of our culture’s leading religious taboos—the relationship between the living, the deceased and God’s miracles.

—Linda Talbot, Author

Kathleen’s true story about her night with the Goldfield ghosts and how it impacted her spirituality and health intrigued me. Her inner strength and determination, based on a deep Christian faith, led to some amazing twists and turns. Her story encourages us all to hope and to open our minds and hearts. Fascinating!

—Victoria Ford, Author of Silver Peak: A Nevada Ghost Town