The 3 stages of spirituality: awareness, awakening and evolution

We expand our spirituality when we actively seek to rediscover our soul’s wisdom. By integrating that sacred knowledge as we find it, we foster serenity, wonder and a deep connection to all living beings. There are three phases we experience in our quest to commune with the divine and transcend our physical existence: awareness, awakening [...]

3 Tips to cultivate happiness

You’ve probably seen social media posts that state if you choose to be happy, you will be. While this may work in some circumstances, it can make someone who’s struggling feel worse. You can’t force yourself to be happy and you can’t always flip a switch to discover joy. Why? Because most of the time, [...]

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Signs you’ve been spiritually awakened

Spiritual awakenings usher in radically different ways of looking at our world, ourselves, the afterlife and divinity. It signals a massive shift in our consciousness and reveals to us a new way to live on Earth. It’s a time of beginnings as we embark on our own unique paths of discovery and personal evolution. [...]

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You have what you need to thrive

There are times when life becomes so hard it can be difficult to get through it. I believe we’re on Earth to grow our souls in ways that are impossible to do so in the heavenly realms. But, to expand ourselves emotionally and spiritually, there are times we need help. The good news is that [...]

5 Spiritual myths revealed

Many hold stereotypes of what spiritually-oriented people are like. Some spiritual gurus may perpetuate these myths. In any case, here’s what I’ve found to be incorrect assumptions based on my experiences and those of my spiritually-driven friends. #1 Myth: When you’re spiritually evolved, you’re always serene and joyful. Truth: Life throws us curve balls. [...]

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4 Tips on how to find peace in a challenging world

Many of us want to live a tranquil existence. To find it in this chaotic world, though, we must actively seek it out. So how do we reach a deep serenity? Banish judgment and criticism. Let’s stop judging others, ourselves and our situations. We are worthy to freely exist without rigid expectations and criticisms. [...]

7 Tips to Disarm Stress

Stress occurs when we dwell on the “what-ifs” of a difficult situation, sinking us into worry and fear. For many of us it’s an automatic response, one we may not recognize until it starts hurting our wellbeing. The good news is we can break this cycle through radically changing our outlook. Why we don’t want [...]

Why I keep going

December is a tough month. The holidays and long nights combined with meeting our regular responsibilities can be taxing, especially for those of us with physical, emotional or financial challenges. For those who are tempted to just give up, I’m sharing why I don’t. My hope is that you may find something here that [...]

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3 Tips to getting out of your way and living a larger life

I’d been the type of person who didn’t like surprises. One who’d sought control over what happened in my life. I’d planned and executed actions, expecting everything to come together how and when I wanted it to. But do you know what? All I ended up with was stress, frustration and disappointment. In attempting [...]

Experience the freedom of living without expectations

Living an expectation-filled life is not only tiring, it’s likely to let us down. However, when we trust that everything happens for divine reasons, we’ll find what is right with our day and marvel at where we are being led. This lesson had been a hard one for me. I had been drowning in the [...]

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