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For rent: one upstairs office with three lively spirits

My friend, uncomfortable with his new business space, wanted to know if I could come by. He explained that he and his business partner opened a music/video recording studio in an old renovated house just west of downtown Reno. Soon after settling in, weird noises (laughter, talking and stomping up the stairs) had begun. The [...]

Kathleen’s radio interviews are on the web

If you missed Kathleen's interview on the BROADVIEW radio show on KBZZ, access it here: You can also hear her segment on Living Conscious, also on KBZZ, at Have a great day!

Gays are created in God’s image, too

Dedicated to my cousin Roy and coworker Bill—both who had endured prejudice and misplaced shame for being how God created them. They have since crossed over. I’m angry, yet I’ve been silent. By taking the “this is not my battle” stance, I’ve empowered those who expend energy to make homosexuals pariahs in our society. Now’s [...]

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