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A good death

If you’ve read A Reluctant Spirit or have heard me talk, you know that I no longer fear death. I see this event merely as a transition, when we leave our physical shells behind and experience a realm of freedom and love. It’s not that I wish for an early death. No. I see having [...]

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Dr. Eben Alexander’s The Map of Heaven offers a wealth of resources about the spirit world

Read my review of Dr. Eben Alexander’s first book, Proof of Heaven. Neurosurgeon Alexander’s second book, The Map of Heaven, cannot and should not be compared to his first amazing work, Proof of Heaven, where he shares his journey from skeptic to believer after experiencing a near death experience. Map of Heaven is a compilation [...]

You believe in ghosts, your loved one doesn’t

At one of my book talks last month, a woman said her husband didn’t believe in ghosts, even though she’d had some profound paranormal experiences. Believe me, I know it’s not easy when those closest to us don’t understand how supernatural encounters shape us. Not being able to openly discuss with partners, family members or [...]

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