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Children are naturally psychic

Intuitives say children can easily plug into the spirit world. It’s believed that since their souls haven’t been in bodies as long as adults, the young retain subconscious memories of the spirit world. Family reactions impact ESP. Sensitive Jason Lindo spoke at the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Conference some years back. As a small child, [...]

An old tin cup

My parents, Darlene and Bryan, spend their golden years volunteering for state parks all over the country. One of their favorite places is Berlin Ichthyosaur Park located in the Nevada outback. They archived artifacts there in the off-season, when they have the park to themselves. Berlin, a short-lived mining community perched on an arid central [...]

Antiques hitchhikers

My mother, Darlene, possesses psychic abilities. In the early 1960s, she once saw a shadow man in the haunted duplex we lived in near Santa Anita Racetrack in southern California, and then she had no experiences with ghosts for close to 40 years (when she awoke to the crashing glass at the Mizpah—see earlier [...]

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