Monthly Archives: December 2013

Heavenly love differs from earthly love

Two instances in the past month have shown me that some don’t realize the power of love, its enduring nature and how the passing of the physical shell doesn’t lessen, but empowers this richest of all emotions. While discussing a visitation dream I had with a crossed-over family member, another relative said, “No. That can’t [...]

The Reno Gazette-Journal Publishes an Article on “A Reluctant Spirit”

May you find time to enjoy this amazing holiday season! I was fortunate to have the Reno Gazette-Journal write an article on my book, "A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian." This article includes an interview with me about my experience. Wishing you the very best and a very, Merry Christmas!

A glossary of paranormal terms

Here’s a comprehensive list of terms used to describe psychic skills, ghost hunting activity and general parapsychology and their definitions. Parapsychology is the study of phenomena that cannot be explained through the scientific understanding of the world, i.e. ghosts, psychic abilities, near death experiences, past lives, telepathy and more. Consciousness survival is the belief that [...]

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