“I wonder if the spirit here is a child. The owner said that the ghost tugs at people’s clothing,” says our lead investigator, Sharon Leong.

Our group is participating in the Nevada Ghost Series, Historic Truckee Ghost Hunt Field Trip class. The Leong sisters, Anne and Sharon, are the most creative ghost hunters I know (see my post “Creative Ghost Hunting Techniques”) and I’m always thrilled to have them lead our classes.

Sharon sets two Chips Ahoy cookies on the floor in front of us. I sit on the main floor landing of the basement stairs, surrounded by dramatic, colorful oil paintings hanging in this art gallery. We’re inside the back of the high-ceilinged, brick building. Like many hundred-plus-year-old buildings, this floor slants and I angle my black Maglite in just the right way, so it won’t roll away.

“Let’s record some EVP,” Leong says. We turn on our recorders and set them on the hardwood floor.

“We brought you some cookies. Would you like them?” Sharon asks the spirit.

The group sits silently.

“They’re really good, aren’t they, Kathy?” she asks.

“They sure are,” I reply.

“Kathy’s had a ton of these cookies and I’m afraid if she eats anymore, she’ll get a stomach ache. You could really help her by taking these cookies.”

None of us move. Nothing happens.

“Kathy, how many cookies have you eaten tonight?”

“Ten and they are good! I might need to eat more,” I tease.

“Oh, did you hear that? If you’d like a cookie, you better get it before Kathy does.”

“I’m gonna have one now.” I lean forward to my right, away from the Maglite, and reach toward the dessert. As I move, the closest ceiling light shuts off and my flashlight tumbles across the floor, rolling in a direction it shouldn’t have been able to go.

Ooooohs escape from our lips. And we laugh.

Whatever that energy is, it wants the cookies!

We thank the spirit and leave the goodies behind.