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Creative paranormal investigating reaps benefits

During the séance I attended that pivotal night in the Goldfield Hotel, a woman sitting beside me said the ethereal entities around us found us entertaining. She saw a mental picture of our investigative team on a stage and the spirits in the audience, happy. In a time where some paranormal investigators make constant demands [...]

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I refute the evangelical stance of “all paranormal is evil”

This is the second of two posts on my response to the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series’ “Religion and the Paranormal: A Panel Discussion,” which featured an evangelical pastor. See My Rebuttal to the Evangelical Stance on After Death Communications. As I noted two blogs ago, I respect this pastor’s beliefs. Yet, from my own [...]

What I’ve learned through exploring my own psychic abilities

We are all psychic: Many of us just need to shake off the dust and hone our skills. Awareness remains key to honing your sixth sense. So much of intuition gets ignored merely because we won’t pay attention to it. Heed the nagging suspicion in your mind and the strange thought that pops into your [...]

My rebuttal to the evangelical stance on after- death communication

During the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, I moderated “Religion and the Paranormal:  A Panel Discussion” that featured a rabbi, evangelical pastor, Buddhist and Muslim.  The pastor was likeable and passionate about his beliefs, which I respect. But, while listening to his Biblical take on the paranormal, I realized my different positions on the subjects [...]

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