Spiritual awakenings usher in radically different ways of looking at our world, ourselves, the afterlife and divinity. It signals a massive shift in our consciousness and reveals to us a new way to live on Earth. It’s a time of beginnings as we embark on our own unique paths of discovery and personal evolution.

Jesus said that to be able to see the Kingdom of God you must be born again. My belief on this differs from what some Christian sects teach. I feel Jesus referred to our spiritual awakening experience (rebirth) on Earth so that we can better commune and communicate with the heavens while we’re here.

As we transition our focus from the material to the spiritual world, we gain a new sense of awe regarding the vastness of the Most Loving. This shift fosters a greater appreciation and a deeper affection for God, the heavenly realm and all creation.

What can lead to an awakening?
Here are some events and actions that can cause it:

  • Enduring severe hardship,
  • Experiencing a profound religious revelation or miracle,
  • Devoting oneself to open to the divine (as a spiritual seeker) by studying various spiritual/religious beliefs,
  • Encountering a supernatural or divine event (including experiences with God, angels, spirits or ghosts) and
  • Coming through a near death experience.

This new phase in our lives can be sudden (mine took place after spending one night in the haunted Goldfield Hotel*) or happen gradually over time. Most of us know we’ve reached awakening when our former beliefs no longer serve us and we realize we need to collect our own truths.

Some signs that spiritual awakening has taken place

  • The realization that all of creation is connected
  • A revelation of love’s magnitude
  • An awareness that we are immortal
  • Knowledge that the Most Divine wants us to succeed
  • A need to make a difference in the world

Sudden spiritual awakenings can be mentally, emotionally and physically difficult to undergo. Upon my overnight upheaval, I’d grown rudderless and, at times, I’d thought I’d lost my mind. I wasn’t sure how to function without my old beliefs about God, the afterlife and the essence of reality. I didn’t want to work in a job that didn’t feed my new ideals and I wasn’t sure how the people in my life would accept who I’d become.

As I navigated this strange new reality, I almost exclusively focused on my spiritual side, ignoring my physical vessel’s needs. I starved it of the care it needed to help it better balance with my new, higher mental frequency. My neglect manifested disease.

Through meditation, I learned that to fully experience the physical, we must nurture and honor our bodies. When we only tend to our spirit, we allow our bodies to atrophy. During sudden awakenings it is vital to mentally send energy and love to our bodies; eat well and exercise; and laugh. Ironically, we are to balance our physical needs with our spiritual ones to maximize our spiritual growth.

While awakening can be jolting, there are huge blessings that accompany the challenges.
Benefits may include:

  • Sensing a feeling of being more alive than before,
  • Feeling free of society’s confines,
  • Experiencing heightened intuitive and psychic abilities,
  • Relaxing in great serenity and
  • Enjoying an expanded personal reality that may include gifts of prophesy, insight and the ability to better sense/communicate with spirits.

*To learn more about my sudden spiritual awakening, read “A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian.”

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