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Be skeptical of ghostly evidence, primarily for yourself

Many of us in the paranormal investigating community have witnessed amazing activity that has radically changed our views. We’ve also experienced the negativity of others who believe we’re delusional. How can we counteract their criticism? View all potential evidence of the afterlife with skepticism. That way, we know we disqualify reasonable explanations first. And, further, [...]

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Appearances mean little when determining what a person is like

The U.S. seems obsessed with superficiality. How we look and what our appearance says about us means too much to too many. Whether it’s your weight, your skin color or how you dress, you are not your appearance and you are certainly more than the genetic traits you’ve inherited. For me, it’s your thoughts, beliefs [...]

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Addressing some Christians’ concerns about the paranormal

If you’ve had a loved one worried about your spiritual salvation because you’re a paranormal investigator, take heart: they love you. And love is never bad. But how do you address their concerns (if you choose to)? Here’s what I’ve learned over the years from studying the Bible and my experiences with ghosts. The New [...]

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The energy and love we project can transform even the nastiest among us

A few weeks back, a man who I’ve found scary and perpetually angry approached us. Instead of becoming frightened and intimidated like I usually do when we encounter him, I used the technique I wrote about below in 2012. And, for the first time, he was not only civil, but he was friendly. Why, oh [...]

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Ghost hunting is not a game

Following a fairly recent murder/suicide in the paranormal community, I was stunned by the actions some ghost hunters took to try to contact the newly deceased. Perhaps those investigators didn’t consider how distressing their behaviors were to others. Responsibility should be integral to paranormal investigating. We must always approach this activity seriously and respectfully. I’m [...]

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