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I’m highly imperfect, but I don’t have to berate myself for it

I routinely disappoint myself. After all the lessons I’ve learned and the blessings I’ve received, I should be better at heeding my own advice in a consistent manner. But I’m human and so I’m flawed. To move on, I need to accept my “human-ness.” A while back I contracted a strange virus. No cold or [...]

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Religion needs to embrace those with spiritual gifts

Thank you to Jessica (not her real name) for co-writing this blog with me. Jessica has possessed intuitive abilities since she was a baby. Her mom would frequently watch her infant daughter suddenly shift her gaze and focus on something invisible. One day after elementary school, Jessica sat on the couch at home. Although alone, [...]

Ignoring spirits won’t protect or benefit you

Some Christian denominations teach that all paranormal is evil, to discourage their flocks from dabbling with ghosts. This thinking is flawed as ignorance does nothing to prevent supernatural activity. Believing spirits don’t exist won’t protect you. Once, I lived in a condo where I frequently woke to find a shadow person standing by my bed. [...]

En“light”ened ghosts of St. Mary’s Arts Center, Virginia City

St. Mary’s Arts Center, the former hospital and orphanage for the 1870s’ silver boom town of Virginia City,  Nevada, isn’t the most haunted place I’ve visited, but it’s still quite active. A passerby may mistake this three-story, red brick building as a large, stately mansion with its long driveway lined by parched, thin trees. A [...]

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