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Want more love in your life? Pay attention to what you’re putting out in the Universe.

Love. We all want it. But many of us don’t realize we already possess it. While at this moment we may not be in the throes of romantic adoration, it doesn’t mean that love isn’t present and contributing to our well-being. This exceptional gift takes many forms, whether it’s: A friend’s willingness to truly listen [...]

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Thin places: Where spirit and earthly realms meet

“The old man looks out to the island. He says this place is endless thin. There’s no real distance here to mention. We might all fall in, all fall in. No distance to the spirits of the living. No distance to the spirits of the dead…” Scottish Folk Singer Dougie Maclean, ( in “I Feel [...]

Create an awareness of the energies about you, then set your boundaries

It’s important to learn how to sense the spirits around you, so you can establish boundaries and retain control of your environment. Even without believing in these energies they may invade our space, affect our mood, health or sense of well-being. Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library. While it’s taken me [...]

The power of silence and free-range thinking to boost spirituality

I’m happiest and most spiritually fulfilled when I dedicate a little time to quiet and solitude each day. It’s a rewarding break from my demanding job and life’s responsibilities. Simple, seemingly mindless activities help me: connect with divine energy and guidance, live more in the present, grow more comfortable with myself and feel one with [...]

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