We expand our spirituality when we actively seek to rediscover our soul’s wisdom. By integrating that sacred knowledge as we find it, we foster serenity, wonder and a deep connection to all living beings. There are three phases we experience in our quest to commune with the divine and transcend our physical existence: awareness, awakening and evolution.

It all starts with our need to connect to the Creator on a personal, not institutional, basis. This craving drives us to increase our spiritual awareness. This can take many shapes including

  • Paying more attention to our intuition and acting on those messages.
  • Gathering spiritual wisdom of varying perspectives and finding what speaks to our hearts.
  • Being more conscious of our thoughts and speech—for they impact us and others in ways we may not have considered.
  • Becoming familiar with our physicality (our energy field) and learning what our loved ones’ energies feel like.
  • Living in the present and appreciating the small miracles that take place each day. This cultivates our awe and expands our views of God.

Through these practices, we strengthen our communication with the Most Loving. We become more familiar with physical sensations so we can better sense energy shifts. We more readily pick up on stray unbidden thoughts that pop into our minds and learn to discern that those messages that arise from love come from the divine.

The second phase is spiritual awakening—that profound instant when we feel personally connected to the Most Loving and gain an increased appreciation of its vastness and mystery. It brings about a different way of looking at

  • yourself,
  • God,
  • the world,
  • others,
  • how you fit in and
  • the afterlife.

These profound realizations show us that reality exceeds what we can see. We feel God’s presence and experience awe in its presence. We understand we are connected by the spark of the divine that created us. We find that love is powerful. And that individuality is valued.

Our final phase of living in the physical is evolution; the process of growth that expands our souls, strengthens our relationship with the divine, imparts insight into the real nature of existence and fosters personal peace.

Spiritual evolutions cannot be forced. We progress through not only our efforts, but also when the divine knows we are ready for it. It takes time for most of us to completely discard old habits, outdated beliefs and stagnant thoughts. It also requires that we increase our capacity to love others and ourselves.

Evolving spiritually brings great blessings; a wholeness that our physical world can never deliver on. I believe we continually evolve the rest of our lives and that we only achieve enlightenment once we leave our physical bodies and return to our heavenly home.

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