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I’m grateful to you

My book has been out for more than a year now, and it’s been a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows for me. The one constant that has made my journey rewarding is you. When I sought an agent, I was told repeatedly there were “too few people interested in both the paranormal and [...]

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Déjà vu: A trick of the brain or spiritual sign?

For me, I can go decades between déjà vu (French for “already seen”) experiences. Last month, I had a striking case of it while in downtown Reno’s Methodist Church. It was the first time I’ve had this sense of precognition since 2007 when I accompanied the KTVN news team to Goldfield. As that experience was [...]

Overcoming fear: A personal journey to the divine

If you had asked me eight years ago if I lived fearfully, I would’ve said, “Absolutely not!” I might’ve added I was cautious, but I certainly hadn’t seen myself as someone scared all the time. Ironically, it was after I spent a crazy, other-worldly night in the haunted Goldfield Hotel that I realized that multiple [...]

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10 Spiritual Lessons Learned from Ghosts: A presentation in Carson City

Author Kathleen Berry will speak on "The 10 Spiritual Lessons Learned from the Paranormal" on Wed., Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. at A to Zen Gifts and Thrift in Carson City. The event is free. Berry, wrote the memoir, "A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian." Berry will share [...]

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