Freeing your space of other energies

Curiosity. Consistent crankiness. Living in fear. A string of minor ailments. These can be indications of a need to clear your personal space. Whether you’ve picked up another person’s or spirit’s energy or you’ve just let yourself stagnate, it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself and/or your home. First of all, it’s important that [...]

Swiss scientists: confused brains manufacture ghosts

Recently scientists proclaimed they proved ghosts didn’t exist. They said the brain creates an illusion of spirits when it receives conflicting sensory-motor signals when we are stressed, overly exerted or ill. But while this research may address one sliver of the paranormal activity pie, it’s far from relegating the Other World to the byproduct of [...]

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We all have access to God

Recently, a good friend of mine asked me to sit in the ICU waiting room with her while she awaited the outcome of her loved one’s surgery. She told me, “I wanted you here because God listens to you and he doesn’t listen to me.” This is so sad. And so wrong. I don’t have [...]

I’m grateful to you

My book has been out for more than a year now, and it’s been a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows for me. The one constant that has made my journey rewarding is you. When I sought an agent, I was told repeatedly there were “too few people interested in both the paranormal and [...]

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Déjà vu: A trick of the brain or spiritual sign?

For me, I can go decades between déjà vu (French for “already seen”) experiences. Last month, I had a striking case of it while in downtown Reno’s Methodist Church. It was the first time I’ve had this sense of precognition since 2007 when I accompanied the KTVN news team to Goldfield. As that experience was [...]

Overcoming fear: A personal journey to the divine

If you had asked me eight years ago if I lived fearfully, I would’ve said, “Absolutely not!” I might’ve added I was cautious, but I certainly hadn’t seen myself as someone scared all the time. Ironically, it was after I spent a crazy, other-worldly night in the haunted Goldfield Hotel that I realized that multiple [...]

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10 Spiritual Lessons Learned from Ghosts: A presentation in Carson City

Author Kathleen Berry will speak on "The 10 Spiritual Lessons Learned from the Paranormal" on Wed., Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. at A to Zen Gifts and Thrift in Carson City. The event is free. Berry, wrote the memoir, "A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian." Berry will share [...]

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