Curiosity. Consistent crankiness. Living in fear. A string of minor ailments. These can be indications of a need to clear your personal space. Whether you’ve picked up another person’s or spirit’s energy or you’ve just let yourself stagnate, it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself and/or your home.

First of all, it’s important that you set your intention and believe. If you ask and expect to receive cleansing, you will.

Each night, I make it a routine to remove all lower, negative energy from my body and my immediate space. I do this because I’ve found that my natural curiosity and empathy lead me to pick up energies that don’t serve me well. If a friend endures a trial, I’ll unconsciously take on some of her anxiety even though it doesn’t help her. If I enter a historic property, my fascination can result in me taking home one of the building’s unseen occupants. (During paranormal investigations I always clear energies from my space. The problem arises for me when I forget about the spirits around me on a day-to-day basis.)

Tips to clearing your body and personal space

1)        Ground yourself. Place your feet squarely on the floor. Ask the Most Divine to connect you to the earth (some envision a cord running from their spine deep into the ground, or a rose or tree growing within them with roots digging ever deeper into the soil) and for your heart and mind to connect to the Holy Spirit (or whatever your beliefs call the universal life energy).

2)          Pray.

  • Ask God to remove all lower, negative energy from your body and around you (I envision a three-foot radius about me), send it into the earth to be cleansed and then have it returned to where it belongs.
  • Request that the Most Divine saturate every cell of your being with heavenly love and allow yourself to be a vehicle for spreading this divine adoration to others.
  • Petition God to envelop you in divine light and then visualize your body enwrapped in the purest, white light from the top of your head down to your toes.

If I’m somewhere where I believe I may have picked up a spirit, I thank it for visiting and tell it to return to where it belongs. I follow up that request by firmly saying, “Goodbye.”

Ridding your home/office of stagnate energy

As a Christian, I’ve adapted smudging with white sage (a Native American ritual) into my personal spirituality.  Here’s how it works:

  •  Close all windows (except leave one cracked open) and exterior doors and open all closets and cupboards to ensure the smoke from the burning sage can waft throughout your interior.
  • Break off the tip of a sage stick, put it in a heat-proof container, then light it and let it smolder.
  • Walk through the house, gently guiding the smoke around each window and exterior door frame, and then spread the smoke with your hand in the center of each room. All the while, invoke your spiritual beliefs and state the result you desire. I’ve prayed for the emotional and physical health of all who live there, asked God to bless my space, rid our home of all lower energy and remove all stagnation that hinders our spiritual growth and happiness.
  • Leave the house closed up for at least an hour to let the sage smoke permeate the air and your belongings.

Note: Don’t risk putting ashes in the trash. Make sure they are completely burned out and cold. I bury them in our garden to nourish the soil.

Next week: Rid your house of that ghost!