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Many paths lead to God

I’ll always be Christian. Jesus sings to my soul. His divine humanity gives me an awesome goal for which to strive. His lessons ring true to me: loving, accepting and helping one another, and the necessity of fostering a personal relationship with the Almighty without the need of a human intermediary. Being a Christian means [...]

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Develop your spirit radar: Is that energy good or evil? Part II

See part I. Part Two: Hone your discernment When dealing with spirit, discernment proves vital. You must be able to determine whether an entity is positive or a negative. I believe many organized religions discourage their flocks from delving into the paranormal because they don’t have faith in their parishioners’ abilities to sense good from [...]

Develop your spirit radar: Is that energy good or evil?

Part One: Your attitude While I’ve been blessed from some encounters with spirits, I realize the dangers of courting the paranormal. As a Christian, I believe in the existence of evil in the afterlife. Since wickedness resides in our realm (look at the latest blood-thirsty dictator), it’s logical that negative energies dwell in the Other [...]

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What would you like to know?

I'd love to know what topics you'd like to see me write posts on. If I don't have the information for you, I'll ask my circle of paranormal experts for resources. My goal is to make this blog relevant by trying to answer the questions that perplex you the most. A note on blog comments: I'm being inundated by spam, [...]

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