I’ll always be Christian. Jesus sings to my soul. His divine humanity gives me an awesome goal for which to strive. His lessons ring true to me: loving, accepting and helping one another, and the necessity of fostering a personal relationship with the Almighty without the need of a human intermediary.

Being a Christian means standing for love and forgiveness. I believe Jesus, the son of God, was tortured and died for my salvation. My Lord possesses and dispenses unconditional love to guide us on our journeys and give us strength to overcome obstacles.

Before I proceed, I want you to know that I respect and appreciate all spiritual journeys—mine is no better than yours. With that said, I hope you’ll read on with an open mind.

You don’t have to be Christian to be right with God.

God creates individuals, not clones.

Whether you’re Middle Eastern or European, homosexual or heterosexual, God instills in us different personalities, strengths and interests. And what the Great I Am creates is blessed, regardless of your culture, sexual orientation or faith. One uniform religion seems illogical; if only one true faith existed, wouldn’t the Almighty make us more alike? In my opinion, the Lord would never give us such diversity and then expect us to follow one avenue to achieve the ultimate spiritual relationship.

We are all connected through our blessed creation.

It doesn’t matter if you call the Supreme Being, Lord, Yahweh, Allah, Goddess, Krishna or something else. Once we realize we are one in God’s creation, we’re mandated to treat each other with love, kindness and respect.

Perhaps, like me, organized religion doesn’t suit you.

Many connect with the Great I Am through:

  • communing with Mother Nature,
  • meditating,
  • tapping into their intuitive abilities,
  • living in the present, or
  • combining personal truths from various spiritual works.

Be true to whom God created you to be.

Your spiritual needs and the path you select are based on your experiences and what resounds within your heart and soul as genuine. If you pursue your sacred journey out of love and a quest to better yourself and connect with the divine, you cannot go wrong.