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Part Two: Hone your discernment

When dealing with spirit, discernment proves vital. You must be able to determine whether an entity is positive or a negative. I believe many organized religions discourage their flocks from delving into the paranormal because they don’t have faith in their parishioners’ abilities to sense good from evil.

It takes time and personal awareness to develop this skill. Here are a few tips:

  • Monitor how you feel and the emotions you project.
  • Be aware of any sudden emotional changes; this can be an indication of an energy you have just come into contact with. Say you suddenly feel fearful, when you’ve been just fine and you don’t know what’s changed around you. Or you become giddy. Chances are you are picking up that spirit’s energy.
  • Keep your fear in check. The best way I know to do this is by asking the Great I Am for divine protection against all lower, negative entities. Knowing the Lord watches over me, gives me strength.

How to differentiate positive versus evil spirits.

Take cues from emotions or sensations you experience during a paranormal event.

Lower, negative entities         Positive, higher entities

Selfish                                                  Giving

Angry                                                   Joyous

Destructive                                          Affirming

Hateful                                                 Loving

Condescending                                   Sympathetic

Petty                                                     Forgiving

Galations 5:22 illustrates my point: “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

A devout Christian friend of mine possesses a great prophetic gift. Many times, she’ll fight these blessings by questioning their divine nature. She does this because she fears the Devil is putting notions in her mind. This keeps her from trusting her senses, making it difficult to evaluate messages she receives based on positive attributes.

As Jesus said in the Bible, Satan will not stand against himself and a house divided cannot stand. Therefore, blessings and positivity cannot be generated by negative energies.

The Almighty gives you power over visiting spirits.

If you think you’ll have a paranormal experience, ask the Supreme Being to wrap divine light and love around you. Then, during your encounter, if you sense love and positivity, trust that it’s benevolent. However, if you feel anger, negativity, hatred—banish it from you with the Lord’s help. If you merely become uncomfortable with the energy, thank it for visiting and firmly tell it goodbye.

By paying attention, using discernment and keeping yourself safe, you can get the most out of spirit encounters.

I’d love to hear how you discern good from evil and how you protect yourself. Come, join the conversation!