Monthly Archives: March 2013

Meditate to increase your intuitive abilities

Everyone possesses intuition. It’s just that in our busy, cynical world, we’ve lost touch with it. While most of us aren’t John Edward, we can exercise our brain to strengthen our ESP. By spending five to 10 minutes of structured silence on a regular basis, we all can reawaken this spiritual gift. When I quiet [...]

The grass parable: a lesson in resilience

As I walked the hills behind my house this past Christmas Eve, I noticed a clump of new-green grass cracking the soil where it broke through. Not more than ½ inch high, but nonetheless, I stopped and marveled. You see, just a few days before, the temperature plummeted to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, hardly the weather [...]

Waiting for the Lady in Red

1920s Tonopah. Well past its mining heyday, but still a busy rural Nevada community. Located midway between Reno and Las Vegas on Nevada State Highway 95, this town offered a welcome respite for travelers seeking a break from the desert heat and dust. Its buildings—both elegant Victorians and hastily constructed shacks—appear cradled up in the [...]

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