Everyone possesses intuition. It’s just that in our busy, cynical world, we’ve lost touch with it. While most of us aren’t John Edward, we can exercise our brain to strengthen our ESP. By spending five to 10 minutes of structured silence on a regular basis, we all can reawaken this spiritual gift.

When I quiet my mind, I connect with the universe and humanity. Through meditation, I’ve grown comfortable with my sixth sense and my ability to tap into divine guidance.

I learned the technique below from noted medium Vickie Gay, and then tweaked it to better complement my Christian beliefs.

Meditation checklist

    • Sit comfortably in a chair or if outside on a log or boulder. Uncross your legs, feet and arms, and plant your feet flat on the ground. For me, it’s helpful to rest my lower arms on my knees and turn my palms heavenward.  I also have more productive sessions outside, in nature, away from distractions.
    • Relax. Release the tension in your muscles. Breathe deeply three times.
    • Pray for protection. This is probably an area that you’ll personalize to best fit your spiritual beliefs. I ask God to envelop me in divine light and protect me from all evil and negativity.
    • Then, I express thanks for the Lord’s love and request that only the highest and best spirit come through to advise me. At first, requesting a spirit visit made me uneasy as       a Christian. But since I believe I’m accessing the Holy Ghost in these meditations, I find God sends me angels, guardian spirits or divine energies to assist me, ground me and keep me on my path.

Sunset Best Last Night








Don’t expect an immediate breakthrough.

It takes practice to reawaken intuition. You’ll also need to exile the inner negative voice that says you can’t do this. For me, it took a month’s worth of quiet sessions before I first experienced tingling in my hands and first sensed spirit.

Be patient, open and trust God is with you.

    • Once contact is made (you may feel a presence or tingling, have an image flash in your mind or hear an inner voice), it’s good to ask who’s come to visit. Then, follow up by       asking the spirit what it wants to convey.
    • Personally, I believe God gave us the intuitive sense for divine guidance and to fully access the Holy Spirit, an energy that connects us all. I think the Bible cautions  against mediums in that we are not to seek riches or what our future holds, as asking what will be shows a lack of trust in the Lord.
    • Once you make contact, quiet your mind by concentrating on the inside back of your skull. Don’t censor any message that comes through (there’s time for that later). Just       acknowledge that thought and return to silence.
    • If you aren’t clear on a message, do ask questions to seek better understanding.
    • When you feel nothing else is being shared or that the meditation has run long enough, thank the spirit (even if you don’t think you’ve sensed one) and tell it goodbye to end that connection. Remember, God gives us control over these energies.

Keep practicing and you will succeed.

As you become comfortable with your silent space, your confidence and sensitivities will grow.