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Spirits and angels are around you all the time. Claim your privacy.

One of the first “eeew” moments I experienced after my spirit encounters at the Goldfield Hotel was realizing energies are around us all the time, even when we feel we’re alone. The concept of entities spying on me completely unnerved me. Of course, my thoughts went to the times I’m in the bathroom. Gross! A [...]

Thank you

You may not realize the contributions you make to my life, but you’ve touched me. I appreciate you for one or more of the reasons listed below: Thank you for Civilly disagreeing with me as you help me to better understand your perspective Sharing your diverse beliefs—spiritual and cultural—that allow me to see the humanity [...]

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Replaying old experiences places obstacles in our way

Everyone has an aspect of their life that presents hurdles to moving forward. It may be difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships, achieving financial stability or attaining professional success. For me—as my regular readers know—it’s holding onto consistent physical wellness. These trials present opportunities to grow personally and spiritually. That is if we’re open to them. [...]

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Facing the ghosts of fear: Acceptance leads to empowerment

It’s an October evening in Southwest Harbor, Maine, and it’s surprisingly warm. We’re staying in a cottage on the grounds of the historic Claremont Hotel that closed for the season three days earlier. Only seven of us guests, scattered throughout a handful of houses, remain at the spacious facility, which opened in 1884. I step [...]

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