One of the first “eeew” moments I experienced after my spirit encounters at the Goldfield Hotel was realizing energies are around us all the time, even when we feel we’re alone. The concept of entities spying on me completely unnerved me.

Of course, my thoughts went to the times I’m in the bathroom. Gross!

A regular reader once asked, “Do spirits really see what we do, like when we pick our nose?” I believe if they are present at that moment they would see us do activities we wouldn’t do in front of polite company. Do we really want ethereal beings ever present?

I’m someone who needs solitude. Time away from everything and everyone. I don’t want a rotating heavenly door at my house. I need a place that’s mine. That I can control. Just like with bodied visitors, I want to decide who may come in.

Photo by Luka Rister,

Photo by Luka Rister,

Here are some tips for keeping your space yours

  • Set boundaries

It can be awesome having crossed-over loved ones, angels or friendly spirits visit. But when you want to be completely alone, make your wishes known.

If you’re in a situation or mindset where spirits aren’t welcome, gently tell them to give you privacy. They’re may return later, but now they must leave.

I made another personal rule after the energy of a female teenager spoke to me in my bedroom: no startling me. Everyone has to give a heads-up if they’re present, like emitting a scent, quietly murmuring to me or moving in a way I’ll notice.

  • Don’t engage in actions that indiscriminately invite energies into your house

What you don’t do is as important as what you do. Consider avoiding activities that invite in all types of spirits. Playing with Ouija Boards or holding séances can result in opening a portal between the spirit world and your space, making it difficult for you to control what types of entities come through.

I also recommend being careful about the antiques you choose to buy (see Antiques Hitchhikers). Before making a purchase, try tapping into the energy of the piece to see whether it’s compatible with your space.

If privacy isn’t an issue for you, that’s fine

I know people who want to be surrounded by spirits at every turn. Just like some people love going to parties (I’m not one of those), some like having lots of energies about them. It’s a matter of honoring your own comfort level.