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Edelweiss: A spirit’s manipulation of a music box

Thoughts of Nancy—my friend warring against pancreatic cancer—nagged at my consciousness. Even as I hurdled my way through the chaos at work, she remained on my mind. The TMCC Writers’ Conference, which I manage, neared. Plus, I had reports to compile and a new marketing strategy to devise for our division’s uncertain future. Overwhelmed and [...]

The most valuable tool in a successful ghost hunt—skepticism

When I first met pioneer paranormal investigator Janice Oberding, her professional attire and it’s-not-my-concern-if-you-don’t-believe-in-ghosts demeanor surprised me. But what dumbfounded me was Janice’s skepticism toward paranormal evidence. She questions everything. Gullibility is not an asset. Janice dispelled my belief that ghost hunters are easily swayed by nonsense. She educates herself on the ways ghostly experiences [...]

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