Monthly Archives: May 2014

Never Lose Faith

In 2000 and 2001, doctors from the Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medical Center told me I suffered from permanent nerve damage and would never recover. Their advice to me: Stop pushing yourself and accept that you’ll never live the life you want. Despite this, a voice buried deeply within me urged me not to give [...]

A real-life example of “God works in mysterious ways”

God orchestrates everything in our lives. Last fall, I encountered yet another instance: one that defied all logic. A charming woman (I’ll call her Ada), very well-known among Western U.S. ghost hunters, was recovering in a rehabilitation center from a bad fall. About to be released to her rural home, she sank into depression, worrying [...]

Psychic validation is priceless

The first spring-like Saturday this year, Ken and I traversed dirt roads to an old mining district northeast of Reno called Nightingale. Not many buildings remain here: the concrete foundations of the mill and one tenuous wooden building. The excavated landscape is pocked with mine tunnels, deep ominous shafts and huge manmade caves where tungsten [...]

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