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We must stop allowing others to marginalize us

Repeatedly, readers share stories with me about others denigrating their beliefs—some to the point of condemnation by loved ones and fellow parishioners. Many of us have been there, losing confidence in our role on Earth and, even worse, questioning our worthiness of Divine Love. I’ve been told I can’t be Christian. That I’m corrupting others. [...]

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Letting go differs from giving up

For me, a frustrating aspect of being chronically ill for years was when friends and doctors told me to give up hope that I’d ever get better because I was priming myself for failure. Well, for those who read my blog and have read “A Reluctant Spirit,” you know I had the last laugh on [...]

Six reasons spirits visit our realm

Thank you to regular reader ElizaBeth for requesting this topic. There are many reasons entities may be visiting us or residing in our earthly realm. Personally, I believe the majority of spirits are not stuck here, but, rather want to spend some time here from time to time. Here are some of the more common [...]

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