Thank you to regular reader ElizaBeth for requesting this topic.

There are many reasons entities may be visiting us or residing in our earthly realm. Personally, I believe the majority of spirits are not stuck here, but, rather want to spend some time here from time to time. Here are some of the more common reasons, energies come to our dimension:

  • You know them. They may be popping in to send you love, reassurance or support. In some cases, it’s possible they haven’t moved on as they’re worried about you. In that instance, you need to seek help for your grieving, reassure them you’ll be okay and ask them to go to the light. (Edelweiss, Is Your Departed Loved One Stuck Here, Your Departed Loved Ones Visit You, Love from the Other Dimension)
  • They have fond memories of a place. I believe many of the spirits at the Goldfield Hotel fit into this category. In the early 20th century, this facility had been the hub of the central Nevada social scene. Dances and celebrations there forged happy memories. I see heaven as offering the ultimate freedom where the departed can travel wherever they like, whenever they like to experience what they never could when living in the physical body. (Seven Lessons Learned from Spirits)
  • They’re tied to a building or physical object. If an object or place has a very special meaning, an energy may attach itself to it. I’ve heard two stories of ghosts that haunted the houses they built for their families, and my parents have took home energies with antiques they’ve bought. (Antiques Hitchhikers)
  • They’re afraid to move on to the light. I’ve felt that Elizabeth, the spirit of the teenage girl in the Goldfield Hotel, fits into this category. In A Reluctant Spirit, I write at length about her situation. Once supremely depressed, her energy has lightened considerably in recent years. I believe she finally crossed over, but returned because a handful of people visit her and leave presents such as stuffed animals and a Christmas tree. She is acknowledged and cared about.
  • They suffered a sudden death and don’t realize they need to move to the light. In 2008 (the second year I was with the KTVN team), we encountered the spirit of a teenaged male at the Miner’s Cabin in Gold Hill, Nev. In the 1800s a mine explosion and fire killed many miners there. During a séance, the medium allowed his energy to inhabit her. He told us that he wasn’t sure what happened to him and was concerned that his mother never knew either. (Assisting Spirits in Need).
  • They have unfinished business here. One of my favorite stories illustrating this point is of a ghost that stuck around until his killers were convicted. (Unfinished Business).

Have you encountered other reasons spirits come to our realm? If so, I’d love for you to share your stories.