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What is evil’s existence here and in the spirit world? Reader Request Part II

See last week’s post featuring the perspectives of a rabbi and Episcopalian priest. Evil is a manifestation of our analytical mind. Pride and Gail Hansen, owners/instructors, Metaphysical Learning Center Evil exists only from a human perspective because it’s a judgment interpretation. Our egos make the distinctions between good and evil. What we judge to be [...]

What is evil’s existence here and in the spirit world? And why does God allow it? Reader Request Part I

Thank you, Cindy, for requesting this subject. I’m pleased to have spiritually-grounded experts—an Episcopal priest, rabbi, Spiritualist reverend and metaphysical teachers—share their thoughts about evil which I cover below and in next week’s post. Does God permit evil to exist? Universally those I queried said evil is either human-caused or judged to be so through [...]

The ways spirits engage us, part II

See last week’s post for more information on this subject. Fresh, yet dead, batteries Frequently when fresh batteries die, it’s an indication of a spirit’s presence. Every time Mark Constantino took his video camera into Elizabeth’s room at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH) during the KTVN investigation, it would stop working even though the fully-charged batteries [...]

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