Monthly Archives: January 2016

After effects: Paranormal encounters vs. near death experiences (NDEs)

While recently conducting research for a potential post, a fresh realization struck me: The after effects of people who had NDEs are similar to those I experienced after encountering the spirits of the Goldfield Hotel in central Nevada. Perhaps facing the paranormal altered my consciousness in a similar way, a navigation that showed me we [...]

What is the Other Side like? Paranormal investigators share their insights.

Seeking clues to the afterlife leads many to ghost hunting Once I experienced unexplained activity, I caught glimpses of what awaits us once we leave this physical realm. What energies have taught me about life after death: Spirits interact with each other; they don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s not unusual to gather EVPs or [...]

My resolution: To live like a short-timer

Last month I had blood drawn to determine the cause of some recent persistent health issues. During the 10-day wait for results (I’m happy to say they came back negative), I faced a tiny possibility that I could have a rare cancer, one with a fatal prognosis of six months. Of course, I aggravated my [...]

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