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7 reasons ghosts aren’t like their horror movie stereotypes

When faced with the unknown, it’s easy to believe in Hollywood stereotypes. While there could be an occasional exception, I don’t believe we should fear the spirit world based on the movies and television shows we’ve viewed. Common misperceptions regarding ghosts: All ghosts are evil. If ghosts are the souls of people who’ve passed away, [...]

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Why are some people wildlife magnets?

Steve* hiked up a rise in Wyoming on a late June morning. Atop the neighboring hill, an antelope watched him. He mimicked the animal’s call and the female pronghorn sprinted toward him, paused, called back and loped toward him. She continued this pattern until she stopped about 10 feet away from him. Once again, Steve [...]

Kathleen on Edge of the Unknown Radio Show tonight

Join Kathleen and host Mark Henry for a discussion about the paranormal and how Kathleen reconciles her paranormal experiences as a Christian tonight on the Edge of the Unknown Radio Show. You can listen to tonight's (Oct. 12) show from anywhere around the globe  via the Internet from 5 to 8 p.m. PDT at and click [...]

Release expectations, empower success

Just because I write about inspirations I receive, it doesn’t mean I always adhere to my own advice. And, the area where I have the most difficulty heeding my insights is with my memoir, A Reluctant Spirit. Lately, I’ve been dedicating myself to the book’s final, big marketing push. And it’s wearing me down. I’m [...]

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