As I stepped over the threshold of the Goldfield Hotel in 2007, I would’ve thought the notion of learning something from ghosts was preposterous. Heck, I didn’t even believe the paranormal existed.

But after 12 hours of encountering spirits at almost every turn, I had a lot to reconcile with my views on reality and spirituality. Here are my top seven revelations resulting from my night in a haunted hotel.

  • Death: Because I received proof that the essence of who we are survives the demise of our physical shells, I no longer fear death. It’s just a transition from one realm to another.
  • Heaven: Once I’d thought an existence in heaven meant being confined to a fluffy white cloud, a boring, but blessed existence. Now, I see heaven offering what we all seek—the ultimate freedom where we are rid of physical constraints and can travel to any location at any time. Since I see time as a human notion, I suspect we may even be able to time travel (wouldn’t it be cool to visit Athens in its heyday or witness dinosaurs in nature?).
  • Hell: No one is harder on us than ourselves. This is why I believe we are the ones who can choose damnation upon the demise of our bodies. But why would someone opt for hell? I think this happens when some of us fear meeting God and believe we’ll be harshly judged when we do.
  • Judgment: I’d once been critical of others, in my own strict view of Christianity. Today, as a person I once would’ve disapproved of, I recognize that none of us has the right to judge others as we don’t know anyone’s experiences, motives, fears or thought processes.
  • Psychic Abilities: Everyone has intuitive abilities. Everyone. We just need to be open to the idea and aware of the energies around us. The more we tap into our sixth sense, the stronger it will get.
  • Vengeful God: I had bought into the notion of a fire and brimstone deity. But following my Goldfield experiences and expecting to be severely punished as a result, I found the Most Divine to be the ultimate source of unconditional love and enduring patience.
  • Fear: Enduring that unusual night made me recognize how fearful I’d been in life and how that trepidation had erected a wall between me and God. Now, I try to be aware when fear creeps into my thinking and I work to replace it with love and faith.

Have you learned lessons from the paranormal encounters you’ve experienced? Please share them with us.