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Paranormal happenings hinder government and business efforts

Most cultures have a rich paranormal tradition, but sometimes such beliefs can wreak havoc in the modern world. I share these stories out of a fascination for how other cultures view the paranormal, rather than belittle their views. Factory riot result of bathroom ghost Some cultures believe ghosts inhabit bathrooms and that they can cause [...]

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5 Steps to living in the present and increasing our spiritual wellness

I remember my childhood filled with languid days of playing, exploring and creating. Time passed slowly. But as I matured, my life grew harried and time streaked by, leaving me deflated and worn down. So why was my life like this? I’d lost my child-like ability to find wonder in the world around me. Instead, [...]

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Frontier outpost Buckland Station stirs with spirits

In 1870 Samuel Buckland dismantled some Fort Churchill buildings he purchased from the government  to build his house a half-mile south along a cottonwood tree-lined stretch of the Carson River in northwestern Nevada. His home, an oasis in the Great Basin Desert next to the Overland Route, offered the amenities of a stagecoach station, supply [...]

If a spirit contacts you, is it safe to interact with it?

See my previous week’s post on “The Bible advocates using intuition.” Just like people, not all spirits come from an affirming place. Some may try to veer you off your spiritual path while others will help you forge a deeper relationship with the Great I Am. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself [...]

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