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Parting Curtains

For many months after my life-altering Goldfield Hotel experience (GFH), I’d have rather been pinned to the ground and covered in fire ants than to enter that haunted edifice again. I stayed mentally overwhelmed. The experience loomed over me every day. I was unsure of what I knew. Frightened of what else could happen. I [...]

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Running into walls? Change your path.

We all know the feeling of trying to reach a goal and repeatedly, frustratingly running into one barrier after another.  I believe our intuition can be instrumental in helping us select more productive paths in life. So why do we keep running into barriers? We possess free will. We have the right to pursue the [...]

Consequences of spending the night in a haunted hotel

A sleeping bag and pillow figured prominently among the belongings I hauled to Goldfield, Nevada. Honestly, I anticipated a snore-fest—a tedium of wandering long, Spartan halls and cloned guestrooms that would make any intelligent woman long for a good night’s sleep. But fate finds pleasure in pitching monkey wrenches at our expectations. Here are some [...]

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