Many hold stereotypes of what spiritually-oriented people are like. Some spiritual gurus may perpetuate these myths. In any case, here’s what I’ve found to be incorrect assumptions based on my experiences and those of my spiritually-driven friends.

#1 Myth: When you’re spiritually evolved, you’re always serene and joyful. Truth: Life throws us curve balls. While we reside in this physical realm, we’re spiritual works in progress. We can still sink into snarkiness, frustration and, yes, anger. As we evolve, we more quickly sense our energy shifts, so we spend less time there. We understand that being angry, frustrated or cranky is an indication of issues we need to work on.

#2 Myth: You cannot be spiritual and religious. Truth: I consider myself a Christian Mystic as I love Jesus and believe he was God incarnated as a man. I’ve known spiritual people of various belief systems.  One is not always exclusive of the other.

#3 Myth: You must have a job that fulfills your spiritual purpose. Truth: We still must be financially responsible for ourselves and that means working in an environment that may not “feel” spiritual. I believe we’re meant to bring our light to everyday life, including when we work. We can find ways to be spiritual wherever we are.

#4 Myth: You must have a partner who is spiritually driven. Truth: This is your journey, not your partner’s. As long as you both respect each other’s paths, that’s all that is needed.

#5 Myth: There’s only one way to awaken spiritually. Truth: If someone tells you that you need to believe the way they do, RUN! The Most Loving created us as individuals with different experiences, cultures and beliefs. We all have different lessons to expand our souls. Find your own truths. If something I write speaks to your heart, adopt it as yours. Or tweak it to what feels right to you. If it doesn’t, I encourage you to explore other ideas. Build your own brand of spirituality.

By reading this, you’re showing that you’ve already taken steps to increase your spiritual awareness. You’ll find your way and determine what draws you closest to the Most Loving. Don’t let anyone dampen your quest to connect with divine love, and find serenity and joy.