Many of us want to live a tranquil existence. To find it in this chaotic world, though, we must actively seek it out. So how do we reach a deep serenity?

Banish judgment and criticism.
Let’s stop judging others, ourselves and our situations. We are worthy to freely exist without rigid expectations and criticisms. When we accept that we are where we are supposed to be right now, we allow peace to seep into the depths of our being. We are moving in the right direction for our souls.

Judging others stalls our growth and creates an us vs. them mentality which quickly erodes serenity. When we realize that everybody is unique and on different journeys, we can release the impulse to find fault with others.

Free up your ideas of what your future should be.
Worrying and holding rigid views of our future draws us out of the present. Why does this hinder us? Because by focusing too much on the future, we’ll miss the blessings of today and more easily ignore divine guidance. Believing our lives must take a certain shape for us to be happy or successful, leads us to worry. And, peace never invests in worry. Let’s believe that the Most Loving always protects, appreciates and cheers us on.

Take an active role.
We are not spectators in our lives. We must take action that is heart-driven.

Each of us have our own Divine Support Team to show us what we can learn from our current circumstances and, if we feel stuck, how we can move forward. We can receive guidance if we only open ourselves to this truth. Messages come to us in many ways, such as through:

  • Ideas popping into our minds,
  • Song lyrics,
  • Dreams,
  • Conversations and more.

When we recognize information as profound, let’s heed it. When we follow and act on those divine nudges, we not only strengthen our connection to the highest power, but we fulfill the needs of our hearts, souls and bodies. This connection fosters peace deep within us.

Seek out the quiet.
It’s fruitful to spend time in quiet reflection, whether we meditate, open ourselves to the wonder of nature, practice breathwork, take a walk or perform repetitive actions (such as weeding or doing dishes). These activities allow us to find mental rest and make space for peace. In addition, meditation helps us to raise our energy to better communicate with the heavenly realm, making it easier to receive divine guidance.

You have a right to absolute contentment. You are worthy of it.