Stress occurs when we dwell on the “what-ifs” of a difficult situation, sinking us into worry and fear. For many of us it’s an automatic response, one we may not recognize until it starts hurting our wellbeing. The good news is we can break this cycle through radically changing our outlook.

Why we don’t want to stay stuck in stress
Let’s not buck up and ride through that stress tidal wave and its subsequent flood. It’s toxic. Living in sustained stress puts us at risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. It causes headaches, anxiety, insomnia and stomach problems. It increases our blood pressure, makes us angry and weakens our immune system, leaving us more vulnerable to viruses and disease.

Spiritually, stress keeps us stuck in our mind, taking us out of our heart-center and faith. We forget that everything happens for a reason and that the Most Loving always has our backs. Stress isolates us, making us feel powerless. Part of this comes from our society’s idea that everything that happens is either good or bad. Seldom, if ever, is anything that clear cut.

Honestly, it’s so danged hard to stop living in stress. If you find yourself still struggling to let it go (like I am), ask yourself: “How is stress improving my situation? Is it helping me to think clearly? Is it resolving any issues?”

Everything stress does to your mental, emotional and physical health makes your situation HARDER to resolve.

Break stress’ grip on you.

  • Change your mindset to one that accepts this challenge. Recognize that these difficulties shape your existence and nurture your emotional strength.
  • Take positive action from the intuitive nudges you receive. Listen to your intuition and act in a way that eases the situation. BTW, stress makes it harder for us to receive intuitive messages.
  • Exercise, meditate and try breathing exercises. Calm your body, your mind and your heart.
  • Ask The Most Loving to help you move forward with a clear heart and mind, unclouded by fear.
  • Love fully in this time of uncertainty. Love is transformative and brings people together. Live in the moment and be present with those who are in this situation with you.
  • Stay aware, but allow the situation to unfold. Realize you (as well as your loved ones) are facing this to elevate your soul, expand your heart and experience life more fully.
  • Understand that you are in this realm to experience highs and lows. You were never meant to experience constant ease on Earth. Ease leads to taking blessings for granted. Your trials ultimately reveal what’s truly important to you.

Remember that God and your spiritual team stand ready to help. They are your safety net. Ask for divine assistance and have faith that it’ll be given to you, although it may not manifest in the way you expect.

Know that you are not being punished. And that your trials are not an indication that you aren’t enough. You are. Trials happen in every life.

Once you get through, acknowledge how that experience grew you. How love and faith got you through the darkness, how relationships were strengthened and how you learned that you can get through more than you ever imagined. Pat yourself on the back.