December is a tough month. The holidays and long nights combined with meeting our regular responsibilities can be taxing, especially for those of us with physical, emotional or financial challenges. For those who are tempted to just give up, I’m sharing why I don’t. My hope is that you may find something here that speaks to you.

I keep going because living on Earth is a blessing. I recognize this opportunity to expand my soul and work to help elevate others. I don’t have to be healthy, perennially joyful or wealthy to make a difference.

I keep going because if I stop, I’ll slide further into depression, worsening my health. Any small activity I can do, whether it is a short walk or working to sit up for longer periods of the day helps build my endurance and my strength. Doing what I can (and not forcing myself to engage in activities that make me worse) gives me a sense of purpose.

I keep going to drown out the dark voice that tells me others would be better off if I weren’t in their lives. After years of this battle, I know that voice lies to me—like it lies to you. It merely teases us to believe that ending it all is easier than enduring life.

I keep going because I’ve experienced the wrenching pain of a loved one who committed suicide. I’ve seen the gaping hole left in survivors who could never understand why those they adored could leave them in such a way.

I keep going because I know I still have work to do. We were all brought into this material world for a reason. God trusts me to fulfill what I came to do. It’s glorious that I can make a difference when I can feel so powerless. I’m not willing to let the Most Loving down. I know that once my time to leave comes, then I can move on knowing I did my best.

I keep going because of my faith. I know that the Most Loving will give me what I need (although, maybe not what I want) to get me through.

I keep going because I recognize that life evolves. For me, my struggles are like a roller coaster ride, full of chasms and rolling hills. When I’m at my lowest, this doesn’t mean I’m stuck there indefinitely.

I keep going because I’ve learned to find joy in living an imperfect life. While I can’t take hikes, I can sit out in nature to read or meditate. While there are times I’m not up to personal visits, I can still text or email.

I keep going by focusing on the small blessings: a beautiful blue sky, the hug of a loved one, the smile on a child’s face.

I keep going not because I fear death, but because my hope outstrips all fear.

I keep going because I will not allow the pain to win.

I keep going even if it means taking life second by second and not thinking about the future. Right now, it’s enough for me to take life in nibbles instead of big bites. I have seen how my challenges have sculpted me and I commit to making those changes positive ones.

I keep going even when I feel I’m immersed in absolute darkness. For I know the light still shines, even if dimly, and that the light one day will burn bright.

I’d love to hear why you keep going. Please share your thoughts with all of us.


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