There are times when life becomes so hard it can be difficult to get through it. I believe we’re on Earth to grow our souls in ways that are impossible to do so in the heavenly realms. But, to expand ourselves emotionally and spiritually, there are times we need help. The good news is that assistance is readily available.

In my case, I’ve lived a life filled with physical pain and limitations. However, that doesn’t mean I live a small existence. I’m grateful for the experiences that continue to plumb my depths and blossom my soul. It’s those challenges that reveal I’m much more than what others can see. I appreciate myself in ways that I never did before.

I’ve come to understand that I agreed to hardship before I was born and that I was given tools to deal with those trials. I think of those tools as my life raft.

You possess a life raft of blessings.
Your life raft can take many shapes depending on the soul expansion you chose before coming here. Here are some examples of blessings you may have to help you not only endure, but thrive:

  • You’ve surrounded yourself with people who love, support and encourage you.
  • You possess a financial security that ensures you’ll always have shelter, food and the necessities to survive.
  • You enjoy great health that brings you ease of movement, clear thinking and abundant energy to achieve your endeavors.
  • Your talents, skills and creativity provide you with strength, passion and direction.
  • As a parent, you feel compelled to improve the world within and around you.

You may have one of these or all of them. Examine your life and you’ll find multiple aspects to ground and encourage you during your roughest days. As you recognize these blessings, you’ll face situations knowing you possess the tools to move forward.

You are never alone.
When it seems the blessings you have aren’t enough, lean upon your Heavenly Support Team. These spiritual beings—selected by the Most Loving just for you—are comprised of:

  • protectors,
  • givers of wisdom,
  • healers,
  • talent mentors,
  • guides and
  • other energies.

By asking for their help, you’ll find it easier to embrace your faith and be grateful to the life (warts and all) you’ve been given.

Rest on your spiritual team. Release your cares and express your frustrations to them. Yell and be heard, for all of us need to release our anger. Tell them when it’s getting too hard. They understand what you’re going through. Ask for their assistance, and you’ll find opportunities, people or circumstances will appear to bring you relief.

You were not entitled to an always-easy life.
But, that doesn’t mean you won’t have restful, carefree times. Maximize them. Allow your soul, body and mind to recover and rest. Celebrate the ease. Then recognize that when challenges appear, you’ll be ready to tackle them with your blessings and your Divine Support Team.