Recently, I underwent QHHT—a hypnotherapy that allows a counselor to speak with our subconscious to help us understand our struggles and chart paths for us to heal. It was a fascinating, emotional experience and I’m already seeing remarkable improvements in my health.

One aspect of this treatment, however, unsettled me: while I was under, my subconscious kept referring to itself as “we.” I wanted to learn more about this, so I started meditating on this subject. What I learned gave me great comfort and further fortified my belief of God’s deep love for us.

We are never alone.
Through meditation, I was shown that each of us, including animals, are given an energetic team whose sole purpose is to support us on this earthly plane. Every life is accompanied by its own team. We don’t take away from this team’s other responsibilities as we are their sole responsibility.

Each heavenly team is comprised of our higher self, guides, angels and other heavenly beings. This group knows the obstacles we’ll face in this existence and what we need to successfully expand our souls and generate more love into the realms.

Don’t hesitate to ask for divine help.
My QHHT session’s main message was that I needed to request more heavenly assistance. A lot more. You see, I’d been someone who was reluctant to ask for too much for myself in prayer. I didn’t want to burden The Most Loving when the supreme being had all of creation to oversee. After all, there are many people on this earth in more dire need of help, right? However, I learned that I needed to bring all my pain, all my problems to the group that the Most Loving assigned to me.

As we possess individual freewill, we have to ask for divine assistance to receive help. This can be hard for stubborn, self-driven people like me. I’ve always struggled to ask for assistance and believed that I could tackle anything on my own. I have been sorely wrong. The act of asking for help humbles me and demonstrates that I’m willing to follow God’s plan for me.

We can ask for help through prayer, through thought or just vocalizing our needs and concerns to our teams. It’s impossible for us to ask for too much help.

We are the physical member of our own heavenly team. 😊
While this may sound like we can make our requests and then allow our divine group to do all the heavy lifting, we can’t. There’s still work for us to do. We must grow our awareness of what triggers us and examine our hearts to explore the roots of those issues. We need to live in faith and love, and to send love to those who’ve caused us pain. We are here to grow, but we are also here to empower others’ healing, therefore helping to heal the world.

If I believe in the Most Loving and the team this supreme being created just for me, I will thrive.

God does not get jealous if we call on our team, as they are emissaries of God.  There is no pettiness in heaven. Ask. Expect. Grow. One caveat: if we haven’t tried to learn from what we are going through, it’s wise to ask how we can learn from those challenges so we don’t need to keep relearning the lesson.

A vital takeaway from this post: No one is ever alone. Your personal team, council or even support staff (however you choose to think of them) are waiting for your call. No request is too small or too large. They are doing the work The Most Loving has called them to.