The Most Divine purposely made our earthly experiences contrast from those we had in heaven. The physical dimension rewards us with periods of elation through achievement and passion, while enriching each day with the amazing sensations of touch, scent and taste. However, nothing can challenge us like living in the material realm where loss and pain are woven into our existence.

We volunteered (see post) to come to the physical to experience what we cannot in the heavens. What we have today may not exist tomorrow. We live with an uncertainty that presents us with unparalleled opportunities to expand ourselves.

When we lose something important, we appreciate it to a depth that was unknown to us when it’d still existed. Part of this lesson is to grow our gratitude and savor all we possess while we still have it.

It’s how we use loss to improve ourselves that matters.
Lessons we may learn from life’s monumental challenges may include that we’re meant to

  • Draw closer to the Most Loving and rely more on heavenly assistance
  • Grow our compassion, empathy and love toward others
  • Help others going through similar circumstances
  • Become aware that we need to heal our heart, body or spirit
  • Change our life’s priorities

When we find peace in the realization that we came here to use adversity to expand our souls, we will be on our way to discovering our own power. The tragic, the heartbreaking and the debilitating times are when our actions count most.

How can we use adversity to our advantage?

  • We can call upon God and our own heavenly team, which exist solely to help us (see post).
  • We can live in faith and pray that the Most Loving will shape us in ways we’ve never considered.
  • We can heed divine guidance to learn how to best support ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically during this time.

Please don’t give up when life feels bleak. Instead, face it and lean on your ethereal and physical support systems. This is what you are meant to do. You were never intended todeal with these times alone. When you experience a breakthrough, you’ll find a peace and knowing that you didn’t know exists.