At one point, I belonged to a Christian sect that taught that no matter how good we were, God allowed the devil to freely inflict evil upon us. I’ve come to realize that the Most Loving doesn’t allow Satan to use us as a plaything. Instead, we are the ones to allow harmful energies into our life through our own thoughts and actions.

In my last post (see God created a heavenly team to help you on Earth), I wrote that the Great I Am created a heavenly support team for each of us. But help isn’t given to us without our permission since we have freewill. So, it figures that if we must exert freewill to request help, we must use it to invite evil to enter our lives.

When we act out in greed and fear, we push aside our faith and create an opening for destructive energies to feed our insecurities. The negative takes advantage of these openings and infiltrates our thoughts so that we may not recognize the path we are on.

What we think and do attracts similar energetic frequencies, and by nurturing the negative within us, we fuel our freefall. Through our insecurities, we broadcast an invitation to the negative to come to us. We focus solely on our woes, thinking only of ourselves. Perhaps we even start stepping on others to get what we want.

Personally, I believe this is why poltergeists tend to prey on teenagers. The angst, peer pressure and unknowns that this age group faces can lead many to get stuck in fear, frustration and isolation. Exactly what predator energies are drawn to.

Since our freewill is a respected right, the Most Loving lets us chart our own course. When we live in love and faith, we are incapable of acting out in a harmful way to others.

As I’ve written before, faith and fear cannot coexist. The Most Loving wants us to blossom. That’s why we each possess a heavenly support team to help us through the material realm’s obstacles.

What are you feeding inside of you? Love, hope and faith? Or fear, anger and anxiety? Here are some warning signs to help you know if you are migrating away from faith.

  • Are you driven by fears of what you don’t have or of losing what you possess?
  • Do you envy others who seemingly have more?
  • Is your mind set on what you lack instead of what you have in abundance?

If so, call upon God and your heavenly team. Pray to be able to appreciate what’s right in your life. Ask for help to conquer your fears and to give you relief from the struggles you’ve endured. We are never alone and help is just a request away.