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The appreciated gift: the Goldfield Hotel ghosts

“Many ghost hunters take from the spirits, so this young man was unusual,” Virginia Ridgway, caretaker of the Goldfield Hotel, said over the phone with a slight Texas drawl. She spoke about a guitarist who asked to play for the GFH entities. “No one ever asks to do something for them.” I’d never really thought [...]

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ESP misconceptions #1: ESP is relatively rare.

Wrong! I bet you know someone with well-developed psychic abilities, but they keep their talents secret from you. After all, American society stigmatizes seers. Prior to working with the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, even I would’ve said they’re playing in Satan’s sandbox. Since I became vocal about my GFH experiences, I’ve had three friends [...]

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We are worthy

After GFH, God blessed me with an instantaneous, straight-out-of-the-New-Testament-type miracle. And how did I react, besides giddily dancing around? I asked, “Why did you pick me when there are others who deserve it more?” I’d questioned God’s judgment. How outrageous that I thought I knew better than Our Lord who deserves His attention. And what [...]

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Inside moon: Virginia City’s Millionaire’s Club

In 2008, I again joined KTVN’s paranormal investigative team in Virginia City, Nevada, which is touted as one of the country’s most haunted cities. Our mission was to visit the decrepit Millionaire’s Club, perched atop the Old Washoe Club. Elite decadence reigned here. 1875. A high-class brothel. Casino. The dark politics of power reigned as [...]

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Seven ways to encounter positive paranormal activity

What we don’t understand, we’re most likely to fear. Our prejudices against the Other World—whether spurred on by Hollywood horror movies or warnings from the pulpit—prevent us from experiencing productive, positive spirit encounters. Over the eight years that I’ve been involved in coordinating the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, I’ve been fortunate to work with [...]

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