After GFH, God blessed me with an instantaneous, straight-out-of-the-New-Testament-type miracle. And how did I react, besides giddily dancing around? I asked, “Why did you pick me when there are others who deserve it more?”

I’d questioned God’s judgment.

How outrageous that I thought I knew better than Our Lord who deserves His attention. And what a powerful indication of how little I valued myself.

Does anyone feel worthy?

I bet the majority of you reading this blog believe you aren’t good enough. I have an accomplished friend who not only won a beauty contest, but also graduated from college with honors. School administrators and a panel of pageant judges rated her among the best. But she’s still insecure about her professional skills and her looks!

At some point in our youth, I believe we made a choice to give credence to the negativity we’ve received from those important to us, the media, society or even the pulpit.

Take how I practice my Christianity. I don’t belong to a congregation, yet I study the Bible nightly and pray daily. I love God. But, I’d once been taught that “good” Christians don’t do certain things that I do, like:

  • I occasionally swear;
  • I don’t belong to a church; and
  • I don’t always love my neighbor.

Does this make me less of a Christian? No. I enjoy a much stronger relationship with the Great I Am than I ever did when I had attended services. I shouldn’t question my faith, but at times I still do.

I also struggle with loving myself fully. So in the spirit of being honest and hoping my journey gives you insight, I’m going to share what I don’t like about myself.

  • I weigh 20 pounds too much;
  • I should volunteer;
  • I’m impatient; and
  • I like to be in control.

Hmmm. Now that I look at my list, the weight I’ve placed on these issues has been incompatible. I need to get over it!

The next time you believe you’re not good enough, write a list of why you believe this and then counter each negative point with a positive. Here’s my rebuttal to my list above.

  • I weigh more than I want to, but I’m also healthier than I’ve been since my mid-twenties.
  • Yes, volunteering is important; but I help people on an individual basis and      there’s merit in that.
  • I’m impatient, but this trait also pushes me to succeed.
  • I’m now aware I’m controlling and am working to allow others ownership of their lives and responsibilities.

Stop berating yourself.

God created us in his image as humans. We’re here to grow. He formed us into unique individuals with varying strengths and weaknesses. And while He expects us to try, learn and evolve, He never expects perfection.

God loves us unconditionally. It’s sinful to believe we’re not good enough. God knows all. And since He deems us worthy, we are.