ESP misconceptions #1: ESP is relatively rare.

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ESP misconceptions #1: ESP is relatively rare.


I bet you know someone with well-developed psychic abilities, but they keep their talents secret from you. After all, American society stigmatizes seers. Prior to working with the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, even I would’ve said they’re playing in Satan’s sandbox.

Since I became vocal about my GFH experiences, I’ve had three friends confide that they possess amazing psychic abilities from healing to prophetic dreams. People I would’ve never suspected even believed in ESP.

They don’t look like the stereotype

When I’d pictured a typical psychic, I saw an uneducated woman with long hair, bohemian dress, too much makeup, gobs of gaudy jewelry and too-long fingernails. In reality, they represent every segment of our population. Those I know hold jobs as an accountant, construction contractor, tailor, telecommunications manager, cosmetologist and psychologist.

The “sight” is in all of us

Every psychic I’ve met believes in one absolute truth: everyone possesses the sixth sense. Just like some of us need glasses to aid our eyesight, some of us need practice to strengthen our intuitive skills.

In addition, its intensity and scope vary greatly by the individual. Many believe children first suppress their ESP when adults tell them apparitions they see don’t exist (re: imaginary friends, deceased relatives and so on).

From mulling over my earlier strange happenings, I now know I’d rationalized away past psychic and paranormal experiences. After all, I’d thought intelligent people didn’t believe in ghosts. And I’d wanted to be perceived as smart!

My friend’s kind of telepathic

After GFH, an acquaintance came out of the psychic closet, telling me about the spirits I had encountered at the hotel that night. She tapped into the pictures in my mind; pictures that only someone who’d been there with me would know. She’d only told me to help me process my paranormal experience. Most of those close to her have no idea of her talents!

Pay attention to your intuitive sense

The Great I Am gave us this ability to further our individual life journeys. Try paying attention to your inner voice, practicing meditation and praying. And, create some silence in your life. Even just five minutes each day will help you better tune in to what’s going on around you.


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  3. daniel June 13, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Look If you want, listen to the pelope who will tell you it’s just a harmless game. it can be, just so long as that’s what you believe it to be. Un-belief can be a great defense against the paranormal. It can also be a very dangerous one, since, if your not-believing slips even just a little bit, your defense goes away, and then where are you?These kinds of spirit things (Ouija, auto-writing) can be dangerous to pelope if they don’t know how to defend themselves, remember, “if you call, something will answer, what it *is* isn’t important, something will answer”.It really doesn’t matter if it’s a “real” spirit, just a figment of your imagination, chunk of your subconscious, or even a “demon”. You are giving it power, and letting it have control. If you don’t know how to keep *you* in control, it’s a situation that could get out of hand real fast. That’s when the “I don’t believe it crowd” usually starts believing, and then their fragile defense goes out the window.The best way to look at it is this, if you need to ask these kinds of questions about using the board, then you probably aren’t ready to deal with things if they go wrong. Not everytime one of these things are used does something get contacted, or things even begin to heat up, it’s when something really responds that things can get out of hand, and then you really need to know what to do, and the confidence to make it work.Defend your mind, it’s the only thing you’ve got

    • Kathleen June 13, 2012 at 9:20 pm

      Thank you for this comment. I personally know people who didn’t believe in the paranormal, but were still negatively affected by spirits. Not believing isn’t a solution for protection. I believe awareness is critical, as is summoning protection from the Supreme Being. Today’s blog post (June 13) discusses attracting positive spirits. It’s a two-part post. The second installment will go live on June 20.
      Have a nice evening.

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