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We are all connected, so share the positivity

This blog was written by my friend, Nichole Relaford. We were discussing this over tea a few weeks back, and I loved her thoughts regarding intention and gratitude. I’ve always heard we’re connected and, over time, this idea’s grown stronger within me. The water molecule experiment. Dr. Masaru Emoto (link) studied the molecular structure of [...]

Science shows consciousness survives physical death

University of Arizona Professor Gary Schwartz, PhD believes he has proven that death is not the end of our individual existences. In his book, The Afterlife Experiments, he discusses his pivotal study of mediums and after-death communications. Schwartz, who earned his doctorate at Harvard and taught at Yale, headed  UA’s former Human Energy Systems Laboratory, now [...]

Post updates and opportunities to interact with Kathleen

I just thought I'd update all of you on a couple of articles I recently read, as well as events that you may be interested in attending. A follow up to the two posts on evil In July, I asked people with various religious beliefs how they view evil. This weekend the Reno Gazette-Journal's Faith [...]

We all possess intuitive abilities—Reader Request

Thank you, Holly, for requesting this subject. When a premonition through a dream became reality, I labeled it a weird coincidence. And, when I felt unseen eyes watching me or couldn’t shake the sensation that I wasn’t alone, I attributed it to my active imagination. So when an instructor I work with proclaimed, “You can [...]

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