This blog was written by my friend, Nichole Relaford. We were discussing this over tea a few weeks back, and I loved her thoughts regarding intention and gratitude.

I’ve always heard we’re connected and, over time, this idea’s grown stronger within me.

The water molecule experiment.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (link) studied the molecular structure of water and how it changed through the intent of prayer or by labeling the water. When the words “love” or “thank you” were tagged to molecules, they became beautifully shaped crystal formations. Consequently, when labels of “hate” or “kill” were assigned, the water crystals distorted and became randomly chaotic.

Our bodies are about 90 percent water.

Dr. Emoto’s experiment illustrated how our thoughts can change matter. What I feel or say about someone changes me, that person and those around us. If you’re angry at an abuser, then aren’t you sending out more of that disliked energy for all of us to absorb? I’m not saying we want to approve of unwanted behavior, but it would honor ourselves more if we projected what we want to receive rather than what we do not.

The power of positive intentions.

As I learned to clear my space for healing, I was taught to start by saying, “I offer this for the welfare of all.” Then I would end the session with “As a result of this, may all beings be happy and free from suffering.” This intention makes sense to me—so much so—that I wanted to expand this positivity to my everyday life.

Share your gratitude.

One day, while connecting with gratitude, I felt something more than usual. As I took a shower, the warm water poured over my body. I was so thankful for this simple act. Aloud, I said, “by me taking this shower and being cleansed by this water, I offer this to anyone who is in need of cleansing.” I felt my positive energy radiate beyond my house, beyond Nevada and even farther.

I now practice this recognition of things I used to take for granted. As I eat breakfast, I’ll say, “By me eating this meal and being nourished by this food, I offer this to anyone who is in need of food and nourishment.” When I drink water, I offer it to those who need their thirst quenched. I regularly do this with my everyday activities.

What if we practiced this every time we solved a problem or meditated?

Share each act by expanding it out to all that may be in need. You’ll enrich your life and everyone and everything else on an energetic level because we are all connected.

Thank you, Nichole. I will strive to put forth positivity into our world, especially when I feel beaten down by it.