Monthly Archives: May 2015

4 tips to encourage your child’s psychic ability

Thanks to regular reader, Holly, for suggesting this topic. Many times as an adult, I’ve wished I’d been more aware of my psychic sensitivity as a child, so that I could’ve strengthened this sense and been more attuned to my surroundings. “Children are usually very aware of the energy around them,” said Gail Hansen, psychic, [...]

Stop the cycle of incivility

The old sticks and stones adage about words not hurting us doesn’t seem to apply in today’s society. People get hurt or mad by terms they hear, inadvertently fueling that negativity by their responses and rewarding those who attempt to marginalize us. Don’t counter negativity with additional negativity While I don’t condone hurtful speech, I [...]

When ghosts drain energy from your electronics, pay attention

Spirits can manipulate our electronics to communicate their desires and opinions. I’ve had multiple unexpected episodes that usually present themselves as an instantaneous loss of battery charge. Of course, we must consider why a battery would die (other than from paranormal activity) such as from extreme cold, it’s old or expired, or it’s been drained [...]

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